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If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the votes, there will be a runoff in November between the top two vote getters from the June election. Currently, five people have announced they are running for the position. Inside East Sacramento invited each of the candidates to share with us their views on an important topic. If so, why? If not, why not? The biggest issues thus far are increased traffic on local streets and potential impact on local schools.

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As a neighborhood association president, I have followed the proposal since last year. A joint public hearing co-sponsored by my association allowed the general public to voice their comments. I submitted those comments to the city on behalf of the neighborhood for inclusion in the draft environmental impact report. The resulting city report indicated that many of the concerns. I like many aspects of the project including cottage units for senior or empty-nester use, community facilities, bicycle pathways and the potential use of the property for a storm-water retention basin, which would end flooding in East Sacramento.

These additions would reduce traffic impact concerns expressed by the community. As more changes occur in the next few months, I will continue to closely monitor the project. My position will support the best interests of the neighborhood with the final proposal.

Deane Dana is a year resident of East Sacramento. An expert in government affairs and advocacy, he has served as president of McKinley East Sacramento Neighborhood Association for the past three years and runs the East Sac Watch website. His family operates a marketing communications firm. Infill developments with a transit orientation make good sense and are a benefit to the region and to Sacramento. The proposed McKinley Village project meets several SACOG goals, but many neighbors are still troubled by the traffic and school impacts upon East Sacramento neighborhoods as indicated in the draft environmental impact report.

Do you support the McKinley Village project as currently proposed? I would like to see Riverview Capital Investments explore every possibility to create vehicular access at the end of Alhambra Boulevard, as this would mitigate virtually all opposition to the project and ultimately make it a more successful development. Additionally, the impact on Theodore Judah and Caleb Greenwood schools needs clarification and additional planning, so that the schools remain effective and successful.

A busing plan would be helpful in this regard. However, the location does not warrant such a plan. I feel developers have been trying to make money off this sliver of land for decades and cannot come up with a good plan. I feel that as isolated as this land is due to the freeway and the railroad berm, there are few good ways to develop this land. As there is a freeway and railroad in direct connection, the noise and pollution would be unpleasantly high to live amongst.

The best use for this land if any in my opinion is for use as light-recreational-type developments. Adam Sartain is a South Natomas homeowner, active in many community events and organizations. McKinley Village.

Vagrant Kings : David Stern, Kevin Johnson and the NBA's Orphan Team

As I meet with neighborhood groups and walk door to door, the concerns that I hear about the proposal are primarily related to the traffic impact on the existing neighborhood. I have met with the applicant and our current councilmember on multiple occasions to share these concerns and work productively to minimize any negative effects on the existing neighborhoods.

I also support the work of our local neighborhood organizations. My primary goal is to preserve the charm and character of our traditional neighborhoods and protect the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and all residents.

Today, the property is zoned for commercial use. This project is consistent with the criteria recently. Over 35 meetings were held with community members and groups with sensitivity to our concerns regarding traffic, as well as protecting the look and feel of our neighborhood. McKinley Village artwork will also be displayed throughout the.

The main gateway and East Green Park will host commissioned work from local artists; street markers will feature work of Sacramento painters and will be fabricated in mosaic; the pedestrian tunnel and the recreation center again will have artwork featured by local architects and artists utilizing various mediums. Some wag in the. Kathi Windheim with the group Friends of the Robbie Waters PocketGreenhaven Library introduced a dozen bright high school and middle school students. Each approached the rostrum and delivered memorable one-sentence quotes from favorite books by esteemed authors, not a few on the importance of libraries in our lives and our culture.

It was masterful stagecraft. I did my book reports at Belle Coolidge Library a zillion years ago , then located in the Lanai Shops shopping center on Freeport Boulevard, and even did a brief stint as vice president of Friends of Belle Cooledge Library. So I admit to a little personal bias on the subject of public libraries. But I recently put my green eyeshade on and took a close look at this latest proposal to hike the library parcel tax. The Sacramento Public Library has had its share of problems and challenges.

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It was hammered by an embezzlement scandal a few years ago that led to convictions of a library maintenance manager and the owners of a private maintenance firm for bilking the public via inflated and bogus repair billings in one of the few public corruption cases brought by the Sacramento district attorney. In , the Sacramento County civil grand jury issued a blistering. A shakeup in library management ensued.

Best Friends Forever: A Novel

The recent recession led to a But much has changed in recent years. The current director of the library system, Rivkah Sass, has received strong reviews for righting a listing ship. Operational tempo at the library has increased markedly since , with an 86 percent increase in program attendance, a 30 percent increase in the number of library cards issued and an 11 percent increase in visits to the library—all achieved with reduced staff and, in some cases, reduced hours. Sacramento has the fewest number of librarians per capita of all of the cities surveyed at. San Francisco has. The three new branches—in North Natomas, Pocket-Greenhaven and Valley Hi-Laguna—increased the total number of city libraries from nine to She noted studies that show summer reading arrests the typical loss of educational attainment over long summer vacations.

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Because your 'normal' workouts are just 'normal'! The nonprofit Friends of East Sacramento leases the public garden from the city and manages weddings and other event rentals. Visit mckineyparkcenter. If the system is required to close branches, it would likely be older branch libraries that would get the ax, since the newer libraries were financed by outstanding bonds that prohibit closure without triggering full repayment of the outstanding bonds.

There are a lot of questions that should be answered by library leaders as the campaign for the library parcel-tax hike gears up.

‎Vagrant Kings on Apple Books

Has the library been diligent about controlling employee salary and benefit levels in contract negotiations with its unions? Has it secured adequate concessions from its bargaining units as city and county governments have done or are trying to do? Are new hires being placed in lowercost and risk k plans as the city has done? Have retiree health-care costs been controlled? Has the library thoughtfully examined the option of contracting out some library functions to private contractors to avoid rising salary, pension and health-care costs,.

Striking a balance between saving for goals, such as education and retirement, and allocating money for daily expenses can be challenging. But you can do it. Call or visit today. They know I work hard in our community and have the proven experience to get things done.


When we play games, we incorporate anatomy, nutrition, math problems, history, and other languages. Powell makes several erroneous and negligent claims in the column. He says the city abruptly amended its development schedule in an effort to thwart a potential future ballot measure and that the land included in the preliminary term sheet between Sacramento Basketball Holdings the Kings ownership group and the city was purposefully undervalued.

The city is committed to delivering under the project schedule and budget as outlined in the preliminary term sheet while maintaining a transparent, community-based process. Our transparency includes meeting with stakeholders like Powell to answer their questions and provide background information.

Weeks before his column, we provided Powell with information specifically about the finance schedule and land values.