PDF The Overnight Diet: Start losing weight tonight and keep it off permanently

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Once that becomes a habit, try boosting the benefit by occasionally extending your 'fast' to 16 hours: skip breakfast, enjoy lunch, then just stop eating after dinner at 7pm or 8pm and 'fast' right through until breakfast the next morning.

The Overnight Diet: Start losing weight tonight and keep it off permanently

Add in a 24 hour-fast once or twice a week if you really want to see dramatic results. On fast days you can sip coffee, green tea and homemade bone broth if you like. If you want to lose weight for summer just skipping breakfast on Monday to Fridays for a couple of weeks equates to a string of great hour fasts and it gives you two options at the weekend.

If you commit to two hour fasts eat nothing from dinner at 7pm or 8pm to breakfast at 7am or 8am on Saturday and Sunday you could lose lb in the week. If you want to lose up to 5lb, swap a hour fast for a super-boost hour fast, or two, to re-set your insulin levels and stimulate stubborn weight loss.

Be persistent, as fasting gets easier with time as you become familiar with mild hunger. Break your fast gently each day with a handful of nuts or a small salad, and when you're not fasting, just follow the simple, healthy Obesity Code rules: avoid processed carbohydrates bread and pasta , sugars and sweeteners, eat whole unprocessed foods, plenty of vegetables and don't be afraid of natural fats nuts, avocados, olive oil. Aim to stay under 1, calories on non-fast days. While an overnight fast can work wonders, you can undo all that good work if you have a stressful day. Insulin levels are deeply vulnerable to the stress hormone cortisol, so all your healthy eating could count for nothing if you live a life of permanent bubbling stress.

This is because cortisol tells the body to flood the blood with sugar, which - unless you are very active - your insulin levels will rise to compensate. Marital disputes, problems at work, arguments with the children and sleep deprivation are all serious stress triggers which increase cortisol, increase insulin and lead to weight gain. Good sleep and stress reduction are equally important factors in your multi-factorial diet plan.

Reducing stress is difficult, but vitally important, and 'relaxing' in front of the TV or flicking through Facebook doesn't cut it. Try meditation, yoga, massage therapy and gentle exercise instead. When it comes to sleep, studies show anything less than seven hours a night can cause your stress levels to rise to the point where weight gain starts and just five to six hours a night is associated with a more than 50 pc increased risk of weight gain. The science is now quite clear: sugar is particularly fattening because it increases insulin levels, both immediately and long term.

Asking how much added sugar is acceptable is like asking how many cigarettes are acceptable.

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If you want to avoid weight gain you need to remove all added sugars from your diet - and that includes artificial sweeteners, too. The worst offender, by far, is the sweet drink - whether chilled and fizzy, or frothy and hot. And I, like a growing number of medics, believe that diet drinks are just as fattening as the full sugar variety. Diet drinks may contain very few calories and no sugar, but studies show that they make your body drive up insulin levels, just as sugar would, causing you to gain weight.

Research has shown that sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame and stevia are more intensely sweet than sugar and raise insulin levels more sharply. Sweeteners also increase cravings because they leave your brain with an incomplete sense of reward it senses sweetness but gets no calories , setting up strong urges which force you to search for real sugar or more diet drinks instead.

Fibre works hard to reduce the insulin-stimulating effect of the carbohydrates in your diet, so get as many of your carbohydrates as possible from vegetables and beans instead of bread, rice or pasta. Don't add. Get as many of your carbohydrates as possible from vegetables and beans instead of bread, rice or pasta. Although fatty foods can stimulate insulin like any other food, pure fats, such as olive oil, do not stimulate insulin or glucose, no matter how much you eat.

So strive for a higher proportion of natural fats in your diet like extra virgin olive oil, butter, coconut oil, beef dripping and lard.

Overnight Diet By Caroline M. Apovian | eBay

They are good for your health, fill you up, and - as long as you don't eat vast amounts - won't make you fat. Diet and exercise had always been thought of as equal partners in the fight against obesity. But theirs is not a share: diet is Batman it does 95 pc of the work and deserves all the attention and exercise is Robin. Yes, activity is important and it has many benefits, but weight loss is not among them. Think of exercise like brushing your teeth - it should be something you do every day. Just don't expect it to be the key to you losing weight. I certainly don't subscribe to the 'too much dietary fat is bad for your heart' hypothesis.

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Cholesterol is not a harmful poisonous substance but a key building block in the membranes that surround all the cells in our body. Heart disease is caused when arteries in the heart become damaged, resulting in inflammation and blockage - sugars, vegetable oils and margarines are partly to blame. It's actually a minor miracle that vegetable oils were ever considered healthy at all.

Squeezing oil from non-oily vegetables requires a substantial amount of industrial-strength processing, including pressing, solvent extraction, refining, degumming, bleaching and deodorisation. There is nothing natural about margarine and it could only have become popular during an era in which artificial equalled good.

If obesity is the battle against ever-rising insulin levels it is good to know that red wine, when drunk in moderation, does not raise insulin levels. Studies show up to two glasses a day will not cause major weight gain and might even do you good. Many popular diets lead to 'shrinking muscle syndrome' - a loss of muscle mass that can rob you of energy, leave you weaker and flabbier and lead to yo-yo dieting.

The Overnight Diet avoids all of these common problems. And the best news is that it's not a restrictive diet so there's no mealtime boredom. You can enjoy a wide variety of foods and even your favourite glass of wine. Look slimmer, feel better and live longer with The Overnight Diet. Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s Full of exercises, delicious recipes and loads of inspirational smoothies She has balanced the profound need people feel for encouraging, quick results with a medically sound approach to dieting that produces lasting weight loss and better overall health.

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6 simple ways to lose a little weight

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