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Simply claim the Bring a Friend Discount see below. The experience itself really garners more of a need to shout from the rooftops!! Having struggled with food issues, yo-yo diets, body image problems, sugar addiction and a never-ending cycle of depression and self-doubt in regards to truly taking care of myself, this cleanse has given me a new found faith, hope and utter joy for feeding myself with love - for my entire being. First off - really giving my body the nourishment it deserves and finally realizing that allergenic foods have been plaguing me my entire life set this train in motion.

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I feel lighter, more energized and more in control without a maniacal need for following every single little rule or being "perfect". I've gained a balance unlike any I've experienced before and I know that these new habits I have formed will serve me well even in the busiest or craziest of times.

What can you expect from this Cleanse?

It isn't just about the weight I've lost 20 lbs now or my clarity of mind, or the impact this has made on those closest to me as well. It is the kindness, gentleness and connection of mind-body-spirit that allow me to feel for the first time that not only is everything incredible right now in the moment, and exactly as it should be, but every step that brought me here, as well as what's to come in the future, are one - harmonious and beautiful. I just can't say enough about how worthwhile this journey is - get on board the train as soon as you can!!

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I have recently been making many upgrades personally and with my business - which is now known as Evolutionary Wellness! As part of these upgrades, I am offering the following with this Spring Rejuvenation Cleanse. On my most recent Winter Cleanse, I introduced these protocols for the first time, with great results!

And so, I am recommending a couple of select products to be integrated during this Spring Cleanse, as they will greatly support you in detoxification and additionally will help you to easily and affordably consume the foundational protein and phytonutrients that you need every day. This is an option! Glyphosate Roundup has contaminated virtually all of our food in the US, and I am genuinely concerned for the health of our populace, specifically the health of our guts, in re: to glyphosate contamination. It is a top health crisis in this country. Without a healthy gut lining and properly functioning digestive organs, we cannot be healthy.

Glyphosate is toxic to our digestive organs and is an underlying factor in many chronic health conditions. I will be educating more about this on the Cleanse. Once you register for the Cleanse below, I will send you more information in re: to ordering this product if you wish to incorporate it in the Cleanse. This cleanse will also be supported by two new colleagues of mine, Grace Sea and Monica Williams, whom I've been working with to integrate the Purium products. They will be available for support during the Cleanse on the Cleanse Forum and will also be hosting some Zoom calls just for Cleansers to help you learn more about the products and how to use them.

Here is a video from Grace explaining a bit more about what we are doing with the Cleanse , including more specific information about Biome-Medic and the Core 4 protocol! I will send you a separate email once you register, explaining what you should do if you wish to incorporate these products. Exciting news! Did you know we all express the different elements in different ways, and for most people an underlying elemental imbalance is a contributing factor to less than optimal health and wellness? Dan Leak spent seven years in India and Nepal formally studying and practising Vajrayana Buddhism and then came back to the UK in where he gained a degree in Ayurvedic medicine after three years of study at Middlesex University.

Over those ten years he developed an understanding of how the five elements deeply impact our lives. Dan then spent the next ten years rediscovering his own land and culture, especially the sacred sites of the UK and the visionary works of William Blake. He is interested in how environmental change can be brought about by inner practice and how inner harmony can be brought about by work with the landscape, especially through a subtle appreciation of the five elements.

Dan lives in London where he runs a gardening business, works as a photographer, and offers private consultations to assist people in forging a deeper connection with the Land. My popular Seasonal Cleanses offer detoxification for the body, and renewal for the soul! The changes you experience will forever shift the way you look at food and your body.

Its gifts include positive changes in body shape and weight, and frequently, an end to chronic health concerns.

10 minute energy cleansing guided meditation

Her support and guidance is clear and welcoming. The daily email and forum helped me to feel connected to the group and once I got started it was not a struggle to eat this way. I felt lighter lost 5 pounds physically and mentally. I really enjoyed the foods! I lost about 10lbs and it has stayed off. I felt lighter not as bloated in general , clearer in thinking and dealing with stress, and just generally had an overall sense of "feeling better".

I'm an emotional eater - I've always known this. The cleanse started me on the journey to realizing that food is fuel and I have to actually FEEL the emotions rather than stuffing food on top of them.

One day at a time, one emotion at a timeā€¦it's a start. I would like to do this Cleanse a few times a year. I think every time I would learn something new and reinforce the things I had learned at first. It was easier than I expected but challenging enough to make it interesting.

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It was a better experience than some diets I've been on in the past and I've tried a lot! It is affordable and runs a perfect amount of time to instill new habits for wellness and self care.

10 Tips To Cleanse & Rejuvenate For Overall Health & Wellbeing

As well as coming back into balance and reminding myself that I do indeed know how to eat healthy and how to maintain it, I lost 13 's and inches came off too. This exceeded my expectations! I also came to deeply realize that I deserve to nourish and cherish my body. I absolutely recommend this cleanse and have recommended it to many people!

Healing Potion for Rejuvenation

It was much easier that I thought it would be! Ellen also offered 2 guided meditations per week as well as weekly office hours to support anyone with any questions. The love and support of this program are truly unparalleled. The recipes are great and I continue make a lot of them and have included my family in this as well. The pre- and post-cleanse information and toxicity assessments were very useful and were a great tool to see how much progress you can make in such a short time! There is also a lot of guidance for living in the world post-cleanse and how to maintain your results.

Trust your intuition and do something wonderful for yourself! You deserve it! Can't wait for January! I participated in Ellen Kittredge's 3-week cleanse with great success. I am a Family Practice Physician in practice for 40 years. I found Ellen's food cleanse to be a gentle and easy experience. I was never hungry nor obsessed with the foods which I had eliminated from my diet.

Her recipes, suggestions and encouragement were very helpful. I lost 10 pounds of weight, stopped needing my cholesterol lowering statin and my serum lipids remained normal , stopped using a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication and acetaminophen daily to manage my osteoarthritis without changing the level of pain in my joints, and only needed my brain stimulant to manage narcolepsy a handful of times instead of twice per day.

These are remarkable changes in only 3-weeks! My energy remained high and I felt good. As a result, I have continued to modify my typical diet with persisting positive experiences. One lunch after the cleanse was over I ate a meal which included a carbohydrate load with bread and french fries and was unable to stay awake an hour later.

This was a very helpful educational experience and further motivation to convince me about the relationship between food and my physical state of being. Ellen's daily emails are loaded with helpful information. Having the support of her group and her ready responses to questions is very helpful.