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Earth’s Rotation:
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That is because in a family we are dealing with delicate or very personal matters of the heart that can sometimes involve pain or heart ache.

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On a lesser level, the situations can involve the butting of heads, of egos, and even stubborn grudges. Showing mercy, offering forgiveness, and bearing wrongs patiently can be really tough to do in the family, but they are essential to our true happiness and our growth in holiness. Take a listen here when you have about 10 minutes. I hope that you will enjoy my discussion with the lovely Anna Mitchell!

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We talked about offering forgiveness and mercy at home and why it is important to do so. Take a listen to the interview here.

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The observation of rising and setting of the sun is due to the rotation of the earth. The process takes place every 24 hours and the rotation is towards the east. As the earth rotates clockwise, the sunlight reaches different parts of the earth at different times. The first points to receive the sun rays are in the east.

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As the points begin to leave the light of the sun due to progression in the rotation, darkness begins to set in. The general appearance is that it set to the west.

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  • Where Does the Sun Rise and Set?.

The fact is that the sun appears to be revolving around us basically because the earth not only orbits it but also does rotate on its axis as it is revolving. This page was last updated on August 17, By Daniel Maina Wambugu. Your Chicago Citation Copy to Clipboard. Or, rock cairns could be used. How does this work?

The dioramas simulate the rising and setting points of the Sun, and its tracks across the sky at summer solstice longest track , winter solstice shortest track , and the spring and fall equinoxes medium track. A bead placed on one of the tracks simulates the Sun rising along the eastern horizon, travelong along the sky, and setting on the western horizon. Imagine a tiny version of yourself standing in the middle of the wooden disk.

Where Does the Sun Rise and Set?

And imagine that the outside rim of the disk represents your horizon. On Summer Solstice, you would see the Sun rise on your "horizon" at the eastern point of the longest track.

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It would follow the track high in your sky, and eventually set on the western horizon. It would be up for about 17 "hours", thus making summertime days long and warm.

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On the Winter Solstice, you would observe the Sun rising at the western end of the smallest track. It wouldn't rise high in the sky, and would be up for only about 6 or 7 hours, making your days short on daylight and cold. At the Spring and the Fall equinoxes, the Sun would rise at the east end of the middle track and set at the west end.