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Coed S. The Indianized States of Southeast Asia.

Origins of the Palestine Mandate - Foreign Policy Research Institute

Susan B. Cowing, trans. The University Press of Hawaii. If there is no compiler, then it can be omitted. Weinar, Agnieszka.

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Apocalypse: The Illustrated Book of Revelation

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The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor. Any engagement, will also be in their interest. Anything that is in their interest, will only serve to strengthen them and allow them to thrive. That will only lead to more provocations and more attacks. There resources must be limited and capablities must be restrained, until a stronger force more willing to integrate into the wider world can enter Gaza. Why do we let Israel, with its population of 7 millions, drag us into this Middle East quagmire?

Meanwhile, three generations of Palestinians have been deprived of basic human rights and we have alienated more than a billion Muslims worldwide.

The United States has to move on beyond its fixation with Israel. This country has many other challenges it needs to face. Thanks for the round-up!

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The rest are delusional that Hamas means anything other than what it says, and is open to negotiation. It has been extremely depressing to read the overwhelmingly anti-Israel comments attached to all the NYT op-eds on Gaza. I do so to recommend the minority of comments from the reality-based readers. On November 5, I decided to give up on an America where people who only believe every word of the Walt-Mearsheimer book just elected the 44th president of the United States.

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War is certainly horrible. However, sometimes a more objective look at the sources of a problem may better lend itself towards viable solutions. This situation offers yet another opportunity for some unconventional thinking. Israel, essentially comprised of one of the tribes descended from Abraham, has been a strongest ally and an anchor in the oil-rich region occupied by some of the other tribes. Please examine the timely and precipitous fall in oil prices as a precursor to Gaza. The drop in prices also undermines the potential for major Russian involvement read: not our ally.

The current op puts the squeeze on Hamas, which may eventually force their ally, Iran, to engage their military conventionally or to provide additional indications of nuclear weapons. Last time I looked, one of the major sources of world trade is conventional weapons. On a decidedly less tragic note, should the peace process gain real traction, large-scale, sustained, humanitarian relief, to include meeting the vital need for potable water, must be considered.

While interest was expressed, there was reluctance towards adopting it because there was already too much money tied up in desalinization and the 10B project to bring water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. The question that occurs to me is what are the goals of the United States in it unquestioning support for Israeli military action? This is wrapped in with the foreign military financing program, totaling 2. So, in essence, the US is literally fueling Israeli military action, while providing much of the armament.

From the Arab and Iranian point of view as I perceive it Israel is seen as a threatening entity. Whatever one might think of who started what war, Israeli military action has been devastating against all of its neighboring countries especially Lebanon. I would think the Iranians would consider Israel a powerful and ruthless threat. Given the US carte blanche attitude towards Israeli action, and given the physical and logistical support the US gives Israel, I would assume that the US approves and even quietly encourages disproportionate use of force as a way of maintaining leverage in the region.

If this was not the case, the US would use its position as supplier to moderate Israeli military action.

Palestine for the Syrians?

Thus, the US is complicit in disproportionate use of weaponry, and I, as a US tax payer and citizen, have some responsibility. US and UK were instrumental in the creation of Israel with no regard to then populace of that area. Colonial mentality prevailed. Veto power in UN undercut any meaningful resolution for the inhabitants of that area with US belief Israel can do no wrong. Simple solution, let real democracy rule not the selective democracy or dictatorships supported by US.


Hold a referendum from Israel to Qatar in all countries asking these questions:. Now the discussions,negotiation and verbal wars can begin, instead of fear, lack of good faith, illegal annexation and eviction, non secularism, lack of civil rights, rocket attacks, checkpoints, border closings, assassinations,mass killings, etc.

We need some revolutionary ideas, Us has failed miserably over the years intentionally or otherwise.