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Everyone deserves a little treat
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On a hot day your beautiful spaghettieis melt quickly and look like mine did in the photo below. Kids love Spaghettieis…and so do adults visiting Germany! I love Eiskaffee and make it at home in the US all the time. You can too! Click here to get my step-by-step German iced coffee recipe. Summer is so much better with German Eiskaffee!

The Best Baked Treats in Seattle

Especially with a large dollop of fresh whipped cream and a cup of strong coffee. Perfect for afternoon of traditional German Kaffee und Kuchen! You can usually find slices of Zwetchenkuchen also called Pflaumenkuchen in bakeries all over Germany, especially during plum season. You can make Zwetchenkuchen at home, too. Which traditional German dessert do you want to try? Pin this for later! I help bakers travel the world from their kitchen, and travelers plan delicious trips to Europe.

My husbands loves anything German and these looks delicious. Saw two posts and pinned them both. I guess that makes me a new fan!! Thanks, Leanna! I love fruit and berries so both of those recipes look delicious, and of course Black Forrest cake is fabulous. Thank you for sharing these recipes. You left a comment on our Lemon Bars so I just decided to check out your blog.

It looks great. I will have to come back and check out some more of your posts.

Little Treats Bakery adds to Giants biscuit range

Thanks for visiting, Amy! Your lemon bars looked amazing. So many yummy goodies! I no longer can eat them unless I fond the necessary lactose-free ingredients to make my own.

I feel for you! Or German iced coffee leaving off the whipped cream. Recipe Rating.

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