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We decided to leave her home from Sydney NSW Oaks , just didn't think she was quite ready to compete in a race like that. Happy-go-lucky Central Victorian harness racing trainer Tony Berg has every reason to be wearing a bigger smile than usual. After being eased out of the action at the start from the wide seven alley, Rose Cooper settled at the rear of the field in the Egmont Park Stud Pace for C0 and C1 mares. In hindsight, it was a great decision as Real Dutchess found itself planted wide for the remainder.

Race leaders Aldebaran Jazzi and Power and Torque looked like they had it between them, but the race changed complexion at the metres when fresh horse on-the-scene Rose Cooper launched. Rose Cooper hit the finish line with a 1. Berg said the sections of And I must say that it was a great drive; just another gem from James, who is in fine touch.

Berg, who shifted from Queensland over 30 years ago, is a noted horse breaker and also does pre-race jogging up for a number of stables. So while Berg appears to have the breeding side of his operation well in hand thanks to Rose Cooper , he can now direct his attention to a couple of 3YO colts and two 2YO fillies who are all shaping as bright prospects. Young Bendigo harness racing reinswoman Michelle Phillips landed her maiden double at the Mildura Pacing Cup Carnival last week -but had to wait two nights to celebrate.

The internship gave Phillips 12 months of experience across the industry and in leading stables, which she is now putting into practice. In hindsight he probably would have been lucky to qualify, but it would have done him the world of good. But if Fratellino does get the job done, hopefully the pair can find somewhere a little closer to home to celebrate! Inside the back around that tight track could be tricky. It was an amazing win, so I know he loves the little track.

The Sidmouth trainer snared three winners, Black Ops pictured - No 6 backed up from its outstanding victory in Launceston on Friday night, Ready To Fire and Blacklist, on debut in the state. Shane Yates. The McMullen sisters have pulled off what is believed to be an Australian, if not a world, harness racing first. She had 3.


Youngest sister and the cheekiest one of the McMullen four, Taleah 17 finished a head back in third behind the brown gelding trained by her father John, Weedons Express. Danni-elle was also proud, but did give her big bro a cheeky serve. Mind you the year-old Glamorgan Vale horseman and his wife Chantal nee Turpin had weekend to remember themselves.

We just need a first four now. They are all good mates and were pretty wrapped with their feat. Their grandma, my Mum - Beryl Dawson, 85, gets a great thrill out of their achievements. Eight of her 10 grandchildren all drive in races and another one is a trainer.

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Duane Ranger for Racing Queensland. He already has a host of cups to his name this season. That particular event is still being talked about and will be for some time to come. San Carlo got the honors after a late dive right on the post.

Guide From Arms Racing to “Dam Racing” in Asia

Play it again San Carlo Hoofnote: And just for the music buffs who crave a bit of history and context, a little bit more trivia on that s Grammy hit. The song describes an illegal game of craps, in a back alley. The protagonist is on an uncanny winning streak, which ends when a cop arrests all the players and takes the money as evidence.

The third verse describes the court case. The singer is delighted to see the judge is an old fishing buddy, to whom he owes money. But a bribe to pay back the money for a lighter sentence backfires. Forging his way to the front at the top of the home straight, First String staved off a late challenge from Lifes Black to score by a head, with Left A Terror three metres away third. Rating I was pretty confident that we were going to take some running down. Lucky Lombo led early, then Emain Macha assumed control before San Carlo powered to the head of affairs.

It was then up to World champion reinswoman Kerryn Manning to keep some spice in the cup, and she wasted no time in accelerating around to the death-seat with second top fancy Reciprocity. But Bartley had no reason for concern, as it turned out, rating the big-striding gelding to perfection with splits of 31, On the home corner it was left to Reciprocity to lift, along with perhaps Emain Macha, but the honors were clearly with San Carlo who held a five-metre advantage over the other pair. We are very lucky. The pacer posted an impressive 18m win over the talented local youngster Mallee Reactor in 1.

The mile rate posted by the winner of 1. He popped into the one-out, two-back spot, but after a few forward moves by some of his rivals, he was again near last at the bell. And his assessment was spot on as Winkn Nod worked stylishly around the field down the back straight. The gelding joined Betterman Stride on straightening and the two settled down to a ding- dong battle.

They also have a three-year-old and a trotter so hopefully there will be a lot more trips to the races for them. What pressure? If it I did I'd be a wreck. All I worry about is having my horses spot on come race-night, and so-far Colt Thirty One has done everything we have asked of him this preparation," year-old Dixon said. Dixon initially sat parked with the son of Mach Three before letting him loose down the back straight the last time.

The pair then strolled up the home straight to win by an increasing 7. The winning time was His sectionals were He also placed 20 times, paced a Colt Thirty One has so far won 23 of his 35 starts, placed in seven others, sprinted a Both pacers were bred and owned by Kevin and Kay Seymour. Not much at all really," joked Seymour. Then he switched to serious mode. He once told me that to get a good long-term open grade horse you have to take your time with them. His older sister, Charming Allie by Mr Feelgood recorded a He also placed in the Breeders Crown 2 and 3yo Finals in and He was Queensland Horse-of-the-Year as well.

Dixon is currently Australia's top trainer with victories - 31 clear of second-placed Emma Stewart. He also sits fourth on the national driving premiership with wins behind Chris Alford , Greg Sugars , Ryan Warwick His dark thesis was turned on its head by the scientific advances ushered in by the industrial revolution, the transport revolution, the green revolution, and the biotech revolution.

With a declining percentage of human society engaged in agriculture, the world has managed to produce increasing quantities of food, thanks to intensive use of water and fertilizers and new far varieties and techniques. Yet, with water use having grown at more than twice the rate of population increase in the past one hundred years, water shortages threaten to crimp future economic growth, even as they sharpen current regional hydropolitics and challenge human ability to innovate and live in harmony with nature.

Books by Brahma Chellaney

Food security, for example, is emerging as a major challenge by itself, largely due to water constraints. High levels of fertilizer application have actually caused water pollution and eutrophication—a process where waterways receive a heavy concentration of nutrients like phosphates and nitrates, resulting in excessive algae growth. Crop-yield growth has slowed globally since the late s, although rising yields are critical to food security… [ 11 ] Despite having averted the Malthusian catastrophe, the world faces varied resource constraints that have resurrected the warning issued by a nongovernmental think tank, the Club of Rome, in its contentious book, The Limits of Growth.

The most probable result will be a rather sudden and uncontrolled decline in both population and industrial capacity. The high price volatility in the twenty-first century, however, points to the emerging strains on resource systems due to rapidly rising consumption levels, environmental degradation, and other factors, thus increasing the risks of unprecedented resource-related shocks in the future. Demand for many resources is rising faster than the available supply, reflected in the geographical spread of water shortages and the increasing prices of commodities like energy, grains, steel, and metals… [ 13 ] Water, as a central key to sustainable livelihoods and development, presents a unique challenge.

Not only is water the most fundamental of finite resources, but it also has no substitutes for most uses and is expensive to transport over long distances. Whereas countries can scour the world for oil, liquefied natural gas, mineral ores, and metals to keep their economic machines humming, sufficient water cannot be secured through long-distance international trade deals.

The only option water-poor countries have is to sustainably optimize their water resources and, when it involves transboundary basins, to collaborate with co-riparian states on holistic resource management.

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If they have sufficient, sustainable foreign-exchange reserves, they can, of course, try to alleviate their water distress by importing, rather than producing, water-intensive products, ranging from grains and meat to industrial goods like paper, fabric, and plastic. Yet few states have addressed their water situations by such means. For one thing, many nations are reluctant to take on political and financial risks by becoming dependent on other states for basic products, including food, which often may be cheaper to grow domestically than to import.

Paradoxically, some water-distressed nations are major international food exporters. For another, in terms of water use per dollar of economic output, many industries are very thirsty, underscoring the link between water resources and economic advancement.

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The true level of water consumption by any industry can be assessed only by examining the embedded water—the real value of how much water has been used to create a product or service. Although grain farming and power generation are the two most water-intensive sectors in terms of direct water withdrawals, a study of the American economy has found that most water use in the United States—60 percent—is indirect, via supply chains, with 96 percent of sectors utilizing more water indirectly than directly.

For instance, poverty alleviation simply is not possible without the availability of minimally adequate water supplies. Nor can food shortages be remedied without local farmers being able to access sufficient water supplies to grow crops. If water is a key ingredient to food security, lack of it can be a major cause of famine and undernourishment, especially in areas where people depend on local agriculture for food and income.

Almost four-fifths of all countries actually recognize the right to water.