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Elmer's Special Day. It's almost Elmer's Day again and the elephants have begun their preparations. But in all the excitement they are making an awful lot of noise and upsetting the other animals. Elmer changes the rules, and invites every single animal to join in the parade, but they have a surprise in store for Elmer Elmer and Papa Red.

It's two days before the annual visit of Papa Red and the young elephants are very excited. They choose a tree to decorate and prepare the presents for Papa Red to collect during the night to take to those who need them. But this year Elmer has a special treat in store for the young elephants, if they can keep quiet and out of sight Elmer and Super El. One morning, Elmer hears an "Oh no! He must get to Aunt Zelda without any of the other animals seeing him and, as usual, it's up to Elmer to come up with a cunning plan! Elmer, Rose and Super El.

Rose and the pink elephants are celebrating Old's one-hundredth birthday. The celebrations take an unexpected turn when Old becomes stranded on a dangerous cliff top. Rose rushes to get help. It sounds like a job for Super El! Elmer and the Whales. Elmer and his cousin Wilbur decide to go to the coast to see the whales. But their journey becomes far more of an adventure then they expected, when they find themselves lost at sea.

Can the whales help them back to shore?


Elmer in the Snow. At the first hint of a chill in the air, Elmer's friends start complaining about the cold, so Elmer decides to show them what cold weather is really like. With his typical sense of mischief and fun, Elmer shows how hot and cold are only relative.

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Elmer and the Flood. Rain or no rain, Elmer is going for a walk. After being cooped up in a cave with his herd, he longs for a bit of fresh air and some peace and quiet. But peace and quiet is going to have to wait - when Elmer goes outside, he discovers the rain has caused a flood. Can brave Elmer work out a way to save a stranded young elephant? Elmer and the Race. The young elephants want to prove who is the fastest, so Elmer and Wilbur organise a race.

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  4. Each decorated a different colour, the racers set off around the course and discover things about themselves - Blue may be first and Orange second, but White is kind, Pink and Violet are funny and Yellow is a cheat. Elmer and the Monster. There is pandemonium in the jungle! A strange roaring sounds sends the animals stampeding, convinced it's a monster.

    But all is not as it seems. Only Elmer is brave enough to investigate, and what he discovers comes as quite a surprise! Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Not you? Forgotten password? Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password.

    When the Elephant walks, he scares the Bear.

    Elmer and Rose - Children's Book Read Aloud

    When the Bear runs away, he scares the Crocodile. When the Crocodile swims for his life, he scares the Wild Hog.

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    And who could be scared of the little Mouse? The last spread answers this question in a way that will delight small children-and the endearing animals, rhythmic text, and hilarious illustrations will make this book a favorite. Elmer's Opposites. David McKee. Elmer is BIG. Tiger is FAST. Tortoise is SLOW. The Saggy Baggy Elephant. Kathryn Jackson. Who Do I See? Salina Yoon. An orange-and-black tiger!

    Remembering Elmer Staats

    Simple repetition, clear patterns with bright colors, familiar animals, and hidden education give this book a leg up on all of the other animal identification books in the marketplace. Learning through play has never been so much fun! Saturday with Daddy: A Picture Book. Dan Andreasen. A young elephant and his Daddy spend Saturday running errands, sipping lemonade, and having a cookout. The charming art and simple story make this a perfect summertime book for fathers and their preschoolers.

    Similar ebooks. Elmer's First Counting Book. Count from 1 to 10 with Elmer, everyone's favorite patchwork elephant, in this amusing board book! The One and Only Ivan. Katherine Applegate. Soon to be a major motion picture! Winner of the Newbery Medal and a 1 New York Times bestseller This stirring and unforgettable novel from renowned author Katherine Applegate celebrates the transformative power of unexpected friendships. Plus don't miss Katherine Applegate's Endling series!

    My son adores all the Elmar books, and this one is no exception!

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    Jan 29, Emma Berholtz rated it it was amazing. Elmer and the Rainbow is a charming story about a rainbow and patchwork colored elephant who sees a rainbow without any color. He takes it upon himself to find the end of the rainbow so that he can give the rainbow his color. The animals repeatedly ask Elmer what will happen to him if he gives away his color, but Elmer does not Elmer and the Rainbow is a charming story about a rainbow and patchwork colored elephant who sees a rainbow without any color.

    The animals repeatedly ask Elmer what will happen to him if he gives away his color, but Elmer does not seem to be concerned with himself, just with the rainbow. Without the other animals noticing, he selflessly jumps into the rainbow. The animals look in awe as the rainbow slowly, but surely turns bright. Elmer emerges from the waterfall unchanged. The animals are dumbfounded as to how Elmer has not changed if he had given his color to the rainbow.

    Things like happiness or love or my colors. Elmer and the Rainbow was awarded Best Books of the Month for Children five years ago, a triumphant accomplishment. The major themes in the book are that giving love and being selfless is free. It cost nothing to help other people and do good. Elmer did something amazing to help the other animals and his world, it did not hurt him one bit. In high school, I loved helping out with the homeless and my church and I gave them food every week.

    That is my personal connection.

    Elmer the Elephant

    I highly recommend this book because it is so important for children to learn the value of giving and how important it is to think of other people, not just themselves. Dec 20, Souly Peerage rated it really liked it Shelves: children-books. Wundervoll geschrieben mit tollen Bildern. Jul 16, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s-literature , picture-book , elephants , animals , sharing , teamwork.